American Entrepreneur with Kevin Harrington

3-5 Minute Feature Interview Hosted by Business Mogul Kevin Harrington Provides a Competitive Edge

As a successful entrepreneur and mentor for over 40 years, Kevin Harrington has extensive experience in business and the dynamic product world. It is Kevin’s firm belief that companies can’t become complacent in their marketing and branding, satisfied with doing “business as usual.” To truly succeed in today’s competitive world, that’s just not enough. New advancements in technology and the growing digital marketplace are offering businesses multi-platform marketing strategies.

An interview-style platform helps showcase your organization’s overall work, products and services, philosophy, values, and culture, while adding credibility, respectability, and the feeling of a trusted brand.

Having a Feature Interview video is one of the best ways to promote your business, products and services, and most importantly, help drive traffic to your website.

Feature Interview productions should be included in every business marketing plan – the goal is more traffic visiting your site equaling more potential sales.

Once you publish video content, you open yourself to a global presence on your website and social media platforms, attracting new customers/clients to your brand.

Another benefit of using video promotion is that your business will get better results in search engines over those companies that don’t have video content. This is one way you can improve your SEO ranking, build your brand equity, and stay ahead of your competitors.

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